Lavender Wedding Invitations | Lively House & Home

Lavender Wedding Invitations

Everything is popping up lavender! Lately I’ve found my invitation designs leaning towards bright pops of color. I’ve been particularly drawn to pu...

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Room 1520 Mirror Calligraphy | Lively House & Home

Room 1520 Mirror Calligraphy

We recently had the opportunity to create a welcome sign and signature drink sign at Room 1520. Working on the gorgeous bar mirror at Room 1520 has...

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Floral Wedding Invitations | Lively House & Home

Floral Wedding Invitations

Our latest semi-custom collection features bright pops of blush, pink, yellows and oranges with subtle mixes of greens and blues that makes everyt...

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Wedding Venue Illustrations | Lively House & Home

Wedding Venue Illustrations

If the most important component of your wedding is your venue, the venue you’ve been obsessing about your whole life, visited multiple times and dr...

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Custom Wedding Invitations | Lively House & Home

Custom Wedding Invitations

After your the last glass of champagne is finished and your wedding day has come to an end, there are only a few tangible items to save as keepsake...

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Spring Wedding Invitations | Lively House & Home

Spring Wedding Invitations

Spring is near! And that means all the spring colors - blues, soft pinks and greens - are back in wedding invitations. Subtle, soft colors are the ...

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