Uncovering the Elegance of Pocket Wedding Invitations

What Are Pocket Wedding Invitations?

Pocket wedding invitations are a unique invitation suite where the main invitation card features a pocket or pouch to hold additional enclosure cards. 

The pocket wedding invitation suite typically includes a foldover or booklet style main invitation that contains a pouch or pocket inside. This pocket can hold a variety of enclosure cards with additional wedding details and information. All elements of the suite feature a cohesive design and complementary styles that give the invitation an elegant, luxe feel.

The interactive pocket element adds intrigue and interest to the invitation unboxing experience. Pocket wedding invitations allow you to include all pertinent event details in a creative way, while maintaining a clean and classic main invitation design.

Pocket Wedding Invitation

Benefits of Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pocket wedding invitations have some key benefits that make them a popular choice for modern couples:

Pocket wedding invitations allow you to hold multiple enclosure cards and inserts elegantly in one suite. Rather than having loose cards, a pocket invitation keeps everything together in a neat presentation. Enclosure cards like RSVP cards, accommodation info, maps, menus, and more can be held securely in the pocket invite.

This pocket design provides a place to include all the important details and event information that guests need in one cohesive suite. The pockets and enclosure cards allow you to provide schedules, maps, accommodation suggestions, menus, and anything else guests might need leading up to the big day. 

The pocket and layered card design also provides an elegant and interactive presentation for your invitation suite. Rather than a flat single card, pocket invites let guests uncover each part and piece of your wedding details. The experience makes opening and interacting with your wedding stationery special.

Pocket Wedding Invitation

What to Include in a Pocket Invite Suite

A pocket wedding invitation suite allows you to include all the key details and inserts your guests need in an elegant presentation. Here are some of the essential components to include:


The wedding invitation itself sets the tone for your special day. It should include the names of the couple getting married, the hosts of the wedding, the date, time, and location details. Many pocket invitations have beautiful calligraphy and design elements like foil stamping.


Include RSVP cards with pocket invitations so guests can conveniently let you know if they will be attending. RSVP cards also provide space for guests to select meal choices for the reception.

Accommodation Info

If you have reserved hotel room blocks or have special rates for out-of-town guests, include accommodation cards with logistical details. This makes travel arrangements seamless for invitees.


Consider adding menu samples or descriptions so guests know what culinary delights to expect on your big day. This is especially helpful for guests with dietary restrictions.


Maps directing guests to the various wedding venues are useful inserts. This is particularly true if your ceremony and reception are in different locations.

Styles and Formats

Pocket wedding invitations come in a variety of styles and formats to suit different tastes and needs. Two main options are horizontal and vertical orientations.

Horizontal pocket invitations have a landscape layout and open like a book. These allow you to include information across two side-by-side pages, making them ideal for multiple inserts and details. Horizontal invites can have different pocket and fold styles such as a trifold pocket or double pocket.

Vertical pocket wedding invites have a portrait orientation and open top to bottom. They usually contain a single pocket and insert. While offering less space overall, the vertical layout has a classic, elegant feel. Pocket styles include a single top-folding pocket or side pocket.

Beyond orientation, pocket wedding invites can have square, rounded, or unique asymmetrical pocket shapes. The fold and pocket placement also varies. Couples can select among top-folding pockets, side pockets, inner pockets, outer pockets, and more. This allows for tremendous design flexibility to match your style.

Design Elements

One of the hallmarks of an elegant pocket wedding invitation is the design elements that go into its creation. From papers and printing techniques to fonts, colors and patterns, couples can customize their invitations to reflect their style and wedding vision.

For a luxurious feel, many couples opt for high-quality cotton paper or linen paper with some texture. Paper made from 100% cotton rag has a soft feel and look. Pairing the paper selection with printing methods like letterpress or foil stamping can further enhance the elegance of the invitation. Metallic foils in gold, silver or other colors add shine and interest.

Classic serif fonts like Times New Roman or Didot work beautifully for formal wedding invitations. More modern san serif fonts can also lend an understated elegance. Whatever fonts you choose, limiting it to one or two complementary fonts keeps the style refined. Colors can match your wedding palette or go for traditional black, white or ecru.

Subtle patterns like tiny dots, swirls, or latticework can complement pocket wedding invitations nicely without overshadowing the text. Order a custom paper with your pattern for a cohesive feel across all your inserts and cards.

Tips for a Cohesive Suite

Creating a cohesive wedding stationery suite takes some planning, but the effort is well worth it. Here are some tips for making all your paper pieces work together harmoniously:

Match colors across all invitation suite elements. Decide on 1-3 key colors and use those hues in your invitations, response cards, accommodation info, and any other inserts. Refer to a wedding color palette for inspiration.

Be consistent with fonts. Select 1-2 complementary fonts and use them uniformly on all your stationery. Formal script fonts pair nicely with basic fonts like Arial or Times New Roman.

Use the same style and formatting across all pieces. Keep the invitation formatting, like text alignment and line spacing, consistent on the RSVPs and other enclosures. This helps different pieces feel cohesive when viewed together.

Incorporate a motif or pattern. A subtle pattern or graphic motif like floral elements, stripes, dots, etc. can be used on invitation backs or envelope lining to pull the suite together. Just take care not to go overboard with busy patterns.

These design techniques will help you create a polished, professional stationery suite that delights your guests and sets the tone for your special day.


Pocket wedding invitations offer a unique and elegant way to present all the important details of your wedding to your guests. By gathering related cards and inserts into a single presentation folder, pocket invites allow you to include extensive information while maintaining a clean, cohesive look. While traditionally very formal, modern digital printing and design techniques allow couples to customize pocket invites with colors, patterns and unique fonts to match their style. Pocket wedding invites provide the classy presentation of a traditional wedding invitation with a modern twist.