As all items are customized and made to order, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.


All items that are custom made will have a shipping time of between 3-6 weeks unless otherwise noted.


Stationer/Calligrapher reserves the right to collect any and all monies owed from Client by whatever means Stationer/Calligrapher deems necessary. Client shall pay for any costs Stationer/Calligrapher incurs to collect such costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees and collection agency costs.


Copyright Ownership

Unless purchased by the Client, the Stationer/Calligrapher owns all copyrights in any and all work(s) it creates or produces pursuant to federal copyright law (Title 17, Chapter 2, Section 201-02 of the United States Code), whether registered or unregistered. Any and all products, whether tangible or intangible, produced or created in connection with, or in the process of fulfilling this Agreement, are expressly and solely owned by the Stationer/Calligrapher who creates the materials and may be used by the Client in the reasonable course of fulfilling this Agreement going forward. Client may ship, display and enjoy the work(s) Stationer creates for Client but Client may not under any circumstances alter or sell all or part of these work(s). For example, Client may not hire Stationer to create wedding invitation suites and use any of the artwork on the suites on additional artwork or stationery, such as menus, sandwich boards, guest charts or other work(s). If Stationer/Calligrapher work is misappropriated, Client understands and accepts that Client will be invoiced for these additional work(s).

Trademark Ownership

Any and all trademarks, whether registered or unregistered, remain the property of the contributing Party.

Permitted Uses of Material(s)

Stationer/Calligrapher grants to Client a non-exclusive license of product(s) produced with and for Client for personal use only so long as Client provides attribution where reasonably allowed. In no event is Client allowed to share Stationer/Calligrapher pricing or internal materials with any third party without Stationer’s express prior written permission.

Relationship of the Parties

Stationer/Calligrapher has the sole right to control and direct the means, manner and method by which the services in this Agreement are performed. Stationer/Calligrapher has the right to hire assistants, subcontractors or employees to provide Client with its Services. Stationer/Calligrapher is individually and separately responsible for its own business operation and expenses, including securing or paying any licensing fees, taxes (including FICA), registrations or permits.


Maximum Damages

Client agrees that the maximum amount of damages he or she is entitled to in any claim relating to this Agreement or Services provided in this Agreement are not to exceed the Total Cost of Services provided by Stationer/Calligrapher.


Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Stationer/Calligrapher, its related companies, parties, affiliates, agents, independent contractors, assigns, directors, employees and officers from any and all claims, causes of action, damages or other losses arising out of, or related to, the Services provided in this Agreement. Stationer/Calligrapher is not responsible for any damages or loss as a result of transportation and/or shipping of the Client’s stationery.


Client has spent a satisfactory amount of time reviewing Stationer/Calligrapher's work or past client reviews and has a reasonable expectation that Stationer/Calligrapher's Services will produce a reasonably similar outcome and result for Client. Stationer/Calligrapher will use reasonable efforts to ensure Client’s services are carried out in a style and manner consistent with Stationer/Calligrapher's current portfolio and services, and Stationer/Calligrapher will try to incorporate any suggestions Client makes. However, Client understands and agrees that:

Every client and final delivery is different, with different tastes, budgets, and needs;

Stationery Design/Calligraphy is a subjective service and Stationer/Calligrapher is a provider with a unique vision, with an ever-evolving style and technique;

Stationer/Calligrapher will use its personal judgment to create favorable results for Client, which may not include strict adherence to Client’s suggestions;

Dissatisfaction with Stationer/Calligrapher's independent judgment or individual management style are not valid reasons for termination of this Agreement or request of any monies returned


Client has spent a satisfactory amount of time reviewing Vendor’s work and has a reasonable expectation that Vendor will perform the Services in a similar manner and style unless otherwise specified in this Agreement.

The vendor will use reasonable efforts to ensure Client's desired Services are produced in a style and manner consistent with Vendor's current portfolio and Vendor will try to incorporate any reasonable suggestion made by Client. However, Client understands and agrees that:
  1. Every client and wedding is different, with different tastes, budgets, and needs;
  2. Calligraphy + Design services are often a subjective art and Vendor has a unique vision, with an ever-evolving style and technique;
  3. Vendor will use its artistic judgment when providing Services for Client, which may not include strict adherence to Client’s suggestions;
  4. Although Vendor will use reasonable efforts to incorporate Client’s suggestions and desires when providing Client with the Services, Vendor shall have final say regarding the aesthetic judgment and artistic quality of the Services;
  5. Dissatisfaction with Vendor's aesthetic judgment or artistic ability is not valid reasons for termination of this Agreement or request of any monies returned..

The nature of hand-addressed envelopes will vary from that of printed addresses. Each address will vary depending on the letters, length or names, street names, city, and state length and will visually appear different from one another when compared. Addresses with 4 to 5 lines of text will look different from those with fewer. Please have this expectation set when ordering calligraphy. Each envelope is a single work of art and must be appreciated as such.

Design + Assembly
The design and assembly process can take 8-12 weeks from start to finish. Please allow ample time to complete the project. Taking proofing and assembly time into consideration, delay in approving proofs will result in delay of your order.

The post office reads envelopes electronically. Due to the nature of calligraphy, some addresses or calligraphy styles will be more or less difficult to tread when putting through the USPS, as in the nature of any handwritten address. Any address that can not be ready by machine will most likely be hand-inspected. If the address still can not be delivered, it will be returned to the address of the return. Vendor is not responsible for resending, reprinting or reimbursing for invitations or addresses that do not make it to their intended address. As with any mass mailing, you are likely to have 1-3% of your pieces be undeliverable. Please check your address list carefully to ensure all your addresses are correct to minimize this effect. You may wish to order an additional 10% of your pieces to ensure additional pieces are available if needed for remaining. If Vendor is addressing and posting your pieces, Vendor guarantees that each address Client provides goes into the mail. Any mail not received by its intended recipient is not under the liability of Vendor. If any pieces need to be re-mailed, you may either mail the piece yourself from the excess mailed back to you upon completion of the project, or pay Vendor to bring, address and re-mail the additional pieces at the 25% reprinting fee.

Address List.
Please see Vendors specification on prepping your address list. Addresses will be written exactly as they appear on provided list from Client. Vendor will not make etiquette or spelling corrections. If Client wishes Vendor to prepare list for calligraphy, a $100.00 fee will be added onto your final invoice. Please deliver the address list in the provided excel document.

Cancellation, Rescheduling and No-Shows

Cancellation Without Cause

Agreement will continue until final Services are delivered by Stationer/Calligrapher and the Client’s balance is paid in full. If Client desires, implicitly or explicitly, to cancel Services for any reason prior to either of these events, it is within Stationer/Calligrapher's discretion to grant a partial or full refund but Stationer/Calligrapher is not obligated to do so. If Stationer/Calligrapher attempts to contact Client three or more times in the period of a month and is not successful in receiving a meaningful response, this is considered an unreasonable delay. Upon cancellation or unreasonable delay, all outstanding fees are immediately due and payable to Stationer/Calligrapher.

Force Majeure

Notwithstanding the above, either party may choose to be excused of any further performance obligations in the event of a disastrous occurrence outside the control of either party that materially affects the Services provided in this Agreement, including:

A natural disaster (fires, explosions, earthquakes, hurricane, flooding, storms or infestation); or

War, Invasion, Act of Foreign Enemies, Embargo, or other Hostility (whether declared or not); or

Any hazardous situation created outside the control of either party such as a riot, disorder, nuclear leak or explosion, or act or threat of terrorism.


Governing Law

The laws of Illinois govern all matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement, including torts.


If any portion of this Agreement is deemed to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement remain in full force.