Customize Your Dream Wedding with Monogram Invitations


Custom monogram wedding invitations have become hugely popular as they add a personalized touch that reflects your unique style as a couple.

The benefits of custom monogram wedding invitations include:

  • Making your invitations special and one-of-a-kind
  • Incorporating your new initials or name into the design
  • Adding a personal element that represents your relationship
  • Creating a cohesive theme that carries across your stationery suite and wedding decor
  • Making a great first impression and setting the tone for your wedding

With so many options for colors, styles, and layouts, custom monogram invitations allow you to perfectly match your wedding vision. 

Wedding Monogrammed Menus

Monogram Style Options

There are a few main monogram styles to choose from when designing your custom wedding invitations. The classic option is to use your first initials together in a connected script. However, you can also opt for last name initials, first name initials, or married initials once you take your spouse's last name.

When deciding on a monogram style, consider the formality and overall theme of your wedding. Formal black-tie weddings tend to work best with classic connected script first initial monograms in a traditional serif font like calligraphy. 

You should also think about how you want to personalize the monogram. Do you want something timeless you can use for years to come with your married initials? Or do you prefer showcasing your individual personalities with your distinct first names? 

Here are some of the most common monogram formats for wedding invitations:

  • First initials in a connected script (J + M)
  • First name initials side by side (J & M)
  • Last name initials (S & M)
  • Married initials with new shared last name (J & M S)

Creative Ways to Use Monograms in Invitations

Monograms can be incorporated into wedding invitations in creative ways beyond just placing them on the invitation itself. Here are some unique ways to highlight your custom monogram:

Create a monogram crest or frame to contain your names or other text on the invitation. The monogram acts as a stylistic border or decoration surrounding the main content. For a formal black-tie affair, an elegant filigree frame with your monogram adds sophistication.

Modern Wedding Monogram

Another option is to place the monogram on the envelope liner or the back seal of the envelope. Again, this provides a subtle personalized touch when your guests open the envelope. Metallic foil or embossing helps the monogram stand out.

Incorporate your monogram seamlessly with calligraphy invitations. As a calligrapher, we can integrate the monogram initials into the ornate script invitation wording. 

Complementary Design Elements for Monogram Wedding Invitations

The design elements you choose for your monogram wedding invitations should complement the style of your monogram for a cohesive look. Here are some of the most popular design aesthetics to consider:

Ornate vintage frames, wreaths, and crests surrounding the monogram create a romantic old-world feel. This works well with traditional monogram formats using the couple's last name initial. 

Minimalist designs with lots of white space help monograms stand out. Try a simple line-art monogram in black ink on thick white stock. Modern sans-serif fonts also complement this clean look.


Custom monogram wedding invitations allow you to add a unique personal touch to your wedding stationery. Monograms are a timeless way to represent the two of you coming together in marriage. Whether you choose classic monogram crests or modern abstract designs, a custom monogram makes your invitations feel special and tailored to celebrate your love.

The key benefits of custom monogram wedding invitations are the ability to reflect your style as a couple, tell your story in a meaningful way, and make your stationery coordinate with your wedding vision. With so many artistic options for fonts, frames, colors and layouts, monograms give you creative license to design stationery that feels completely your own.

As you begin planning your invitations, think about how to make your monogram style suit your wedding. Look for designers that offer customization and contribute your own concepts. Add personal details that speak to your relationship and the details of your wedding day. With some thoughtful planning and design, your custom monogram invites will be keepsake treasures you'll cherish forever.