Comparing Print Methods - Digital, Letterpress & Embossing

Let's talk wedding invitation print methods! It may not sound like the printing method for your invitations is important, but your chosen printing method for your wedding invitation suite makes a big impact on the overall style of your wedding and the budget.

Digital Printing

Printed digitally on premium card stock is the most common and affordable printing methods. Almost anything can be printed digitally, and it is best for the most vibrant colors. Digital printing, though the most affordable, is still an elegant and timeless option for your invitations.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

By far my favorite printing method, letterpress printing uses a custom metal plate (called a die) combined with ink to make an impression and create deep texture in your paper. This is the original printing method (think 15th century!) and as such takes more time and equipment to produce, thus it is more expensive than digital printing. The result is a luxurious, textured keepsake.


Embossing is similar to letterpress printing in that it uses a custom die and a counter-die with ink to raise the the text and artwork above the surface of the paper, the opposite direction of letterpress. This creates a raised, 3D effect. Embossing creates volume and adds texture to your invitations and costs slightly more than letterpress printing. I love using embossing on more modern styles or do blind embossing, with no ink.


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